Review of, a Dutch online market place for (finding) freelancers

Jellow Use Google to find your freelancers instead. Jellow is a platform that connects freelancers with their clients. Clients post a description of the work they need done, then Jellow looks in its database for matching freelancers and asks them to pitch. When I first checked out Jellow, the thing that stood out is that … Read More

An unlikely ad blocker

I’ve started using the Firefox plugin YesScript as an ad blocker even though being an ad blocker may not be that plugin’s main purpose. YesScript will let you mark specific websites. YesScript will then tell the browser that the next time it loads something from those sites, it must skip the JavaScript programs belonging to … Read More

The photo detective

Wat jij niet ziet In this book former photographer Hans Aarsman tries to deduce the story behind a photograph from the photograph itself. Hans Aarsman used to be a photographer until he realised that the essence of his job was to mimic old-fashioned paintings. He sold his cameras, gave away his photos to a museum … Read More

In which the author toys with his conscience (but not really)

The Dilbert Future Here’s the obligatory blurb that can be misquoted by publisher and author alike: The Dilbert Future is worth every penny I paid for it. As far as I remember, I did not pay any pennies for this third instalment of Scott Adam’s comic ‘business books’ because I paid in Euro cents and … Read More

A quick iPad review

Apple iPad (iPad 2) As it happens all the four things I don’t like about my Apple iPad manifested themselves within a few minutes of each other today and they also helped to highlight what a cool little device it is, so I figured it was time for a quick review. The Apple iPad has … Read More

Game of Thrones, season I and II

Game of Thrones is a TV drama series based on a series of novels called A Song of Ice and Fire. The series takes place in a medieval fantasy world that includes dragons and a sort of zombie and revolves around the intrigues and wars the noble families of the world, Westeros, use to get … Read More

Handy tool for dieting

A couple of months ago I started dieting with the help of the Fat Secret Calorie Counter, and for me this tool has proved to be very valuable. Basically it lets you keep track of three things: the number of calories you take in, the number of calories you burn, and your weight. Intake is … Read More

A quick review of the Swiffer cleaning system

Swiffer The problem? I am lazy. The circumstances? A downstairs with a laminated wooden floor. Usually I use either a broom combined with a dustpan to clean the floor, or a vacuum cleaner. At a time when I spent a lot of time working for the man, leaving me little time to clean, I was … Read More

Hank, my uncle the criminal

Oom Henk A quick review. Synopsis: Koen is a law student who, for a reason I missed, pretends Henk de Koning (Hank King), a notorious criminal, is his uncle. Henk forces Koen to start working in an old people’s home to try and get the secret of 12 million euro ransom money out of former, … Read More

A quick review of the Canon EOS 600D camera and the Sigma 17-70mm lens

(As compared to the Canon EOS 1000D and its 17-55mm kit lens.) I have been getting into roller derby photography lately, and that means I could use all the light I can get. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted exactly, outlined in painstaking detail before. In the end I decided … Read More