Oh, how Microsoft Windows 10 blew

This was a list I made of many of the problems I encountered using the Microsoft operating system Windows 10. I cannot remember why I started making such a list, but it is a habit. Maybe because other voices have much greater platforms and maintaining these lists protects me a little from the gaslighting. I … Read More

Blogging is dead and alive!

Blogging is dead, apparently. But blogging is also alive. Both statements can be true at the same time without it being some weird sort of Schrödinger’s Cat situation. Blogging as a social activity, as the thing that the cool kids did to hang out together, seems to be mostly dead. I know a few people … Read More

Facebook is a bad application

Facebook has been having a lot of bad press lately, so much so that I have started to wonder if they are not feeding some of it to the media themselves, just to draw the attention away from all the other bad press. (Nah, just kidding.) The big one, however, at least (presumably) to Facebook … Read More

Drawing of a Spyker 7HP

This is a Spyker 7HP automobile (from an era when cars were still called automobiles). Only one model was ever built and this prototype can now be found and admired at the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands. I made this drawing because I needed a reference for another project. I do not think it is … Read More

How to use sound in Blender

(Another Memo To Self production.) The 3D modeller Blender has become a Jack of all trades during its long existence and as such, questions about the program that once had a single, simple answer because of the limited scope of the problem domain have now become an exercise in writing proper Google queries. Simply put: … Read More

Racing game for the Commodore 64, type-in listing!

Get it here! So in the olden days, the very first personal computers came with a programming environment built-in. In fact, it was the thing you started in after the computer had fired up. That sounds like a hassle, and maybe it was because manufacturers started taking these programming environments out and replaced them by … Read More

Some minor blog-keeping

I have changed a few small things on this blog that should make your experience slightly better: – I replaced the plugin that took care of the Recent Comments section in the sidebar by something called Better Recent Comments… because it is better. (In this case, because the old one stopped working.) – I made … Read More

Two notes on using Docker in 2020 on a non-vanilla Windows 10 Home system

A couple of things I ran across today when trying to install Docker on Windows 10 Home. All the documentation I have run across so far seems to assume that you have a freshly installed Windows. Docker for Windows 10 Home in 2020 is basically Docker for Linux ran through the WSL (Windows Subsystem for … Read More

More on the Million Short search engine and on adding search engines to your browser

In my most recent post I introduced the search engine that lets you remove the most popular web sites from its results, Million Short. Removing those websites should help you counteract some of the bias that search engines may have towards popular websites. I felt like checking out if the concept actually works, so I … Read More

Will Russia replace the Progress cargo space ship by the Argo?

I came across a story of sorts on a website called The Moscow Times that said that Russia was planning to create a reusable rocket to compete with Elon Musk. I did not know that Elon Musk was a rocket. The details in the article from 30 September seem to conflict wildly. The rocket becomes … Read More