Some minor blog-keeping

I have changed a few small things on this blog that should make your experience slightly better: – I replaced the plugin that took care of the Recent Comments section in the sidebar by something called Better Recent Comments… because it is better. (In this case, because the old one stopped working.) – I made … Read More

Two notes on using Docker in 2020 on a non-vanilla Windows 10 Home system

A couple of things I ran across today when trying to install Docker on Windows 10 Home. All the documentation I have run across so far seems to assume that you have a freshly installed Windows. Docker for Windows 10 Home in 2020 is basically Docker for Linux ran through the WSL (Windows Subsystem for … Read More

More on the Million Short search engine and on adding search engines to your browser

In my most recent post I introduced the search engine that lets you remove the most popular web sites from its results, Million Short. Removing those websites should help you counteract some of the bias that search engines may have towards popular websites. I felt like checking out if the concept actually works, so I … Read More

Will Russia replace the Progress cargo space ship by the Argo?

I came across a story of sorts on a website called The Moscow Times that said that Russia was planning to create a reusable rocket to compete with Elon Musk. I did not know that Elon Musk was a rocket. The details in the article from 30 September seem to conflict wildly. The rocket becomes … Read More

The most boring sport, Formula 1, is using Youtube to get better

I am not going to lie—when I watched Formula 1 in the 1990s, it was mostly because my fellow countryman Jos Verstappen was enjoying a moderate amount of success in the sport. And when I started watching it again in the 2010s, it was because Jos’ son Max was entering the same sport, heralded as … Read More is bijna exclusief voor tussenpersonen (Dutch)

Ik ben een freelance webdeveloper. Dat wil zeggen dat ik als eenpitter en niet op basis van loondienst voor mijn beroep aan websites werk. Het grootste deel van mijn opdrachtgevers vindt mij zelfstandig of via mijn netwerk. Ik heb echter ook een account op, de grootste marktplaats in Nederland voor freelancers (althans, dat was … Read More

Possibly crooked judge gets taken off case about definitely bad doctor

The court of The Hague is perhaps not known as the most even-handed in the world. This is the court where large, foreign media conglomerates shop for copyright jurisprudence. This is also the court that committed a crime in 2014 when it advertised for fresh judges, saying that women needed not apply. That was a … Read More

Test: scaling images up

I was playing around with scaling up images in The GIMP and stumbled upon a method (scale to larger than you need, then scale down to the desired result) that seemed to get exceptionally good results. I wanted to find out if this was a fluke, so I ran some tests. My conclusion appears to … Read More

The difference between a cheapo ‘netbook’ and a high-end laptop is…

… about 450 gigabytes in storage. I was looking for a cheap, small form-factor laptop on a comparison site that lists thousands of them and I found plenty of cheap ones. When I made the two screenshots above, I had only selected a screen size, and I had sorted the results by price. The left … Read More

American websites improved due to European privacy laws

An interesting side-effect to the introduction of the GDPR, the latest EU privacy law, was that (for Europeans at least) several American websites improved. Instead of a dazzling and confusing cornucopia of banners and clickables, the sites of USA Today and NPR refocused on their stated goal, i.e. journalism. See here for two examples: and … Read More