Hank, my uncle the criminal

Oom Henk

A quick review.

Synopsis: Koen is a law student who, for a reason I missed, pretends Henk de Koning (Hank King), a notorious criminal, is his uncle. Henk forces Koen to start working in an old people’s home to try and get the secret of 12 million euro ransom money out of former, but now demented kidnapper Sjon de Nooyer.

– This is a black comedy, but also a farce.
– The violence is generally of the cartoon type – you never actually see people die, and corpes are often hidden in empty barrels.
– The plot is what it should be. The scripting could have been a lot tighter though – a tear was shed when realising what Tarantino or even Richie could have done with the premise.
– Two thirds in the plot starts to slow to the point that you’ll contemplate switching channels, but the end makes up for it.
– The acting was fine – I was especially impressed with Tobias Nierop who hit some fine notes; the bad notes being forgiven easily for his tenderish age.

You should watch this:
– If you are stuck in a hotel room and there is nothing else on.

You should not watch this:
– If you still have an unseen Game of Thrones episode on your hard disk.

Even shorter review: nice movie, only marred by the fact that the writers did not sit on the script for a year or so.

My rating: 3.0 stars

Dutch trailer with English subs: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi52863769/

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