Bad Behavior

I decided to install Bad Behavior to delete spam. Spamming scum, as you know, does not check whether their messages will be published. That takes time, and time is money. So they spam me regardless the fact that not a single one of their tens of thousands of filthy messages has ever been published through this blog.

And since hardly anybody but spammers comments here, the decision to go with Bad Behavior was easily made. This is a heuristic blocker, that may delete genuine comments. Don’t blame me, blame the spammers and your government.

The best thing of course would be to hunt down spammers and kill them. I am afraid that is illegal though. The law is on the side of the spammers. One more thing to keep in mind for upcoming elections.

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  1. […] I have installed a further filter to help me get rid of comment spam. Where the previous filter merely made your comments go from “will never be deleted other than actively by me” to “may be accidentally deleted through my neglicence”, the new deal is that if your comment looks like spam, it will be deleted, and I won’t even know about it. Basically it’s gotten to the point where my comment spam filter needs to be as aggressive as my e-mail spam filter. […]

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