Coffee pads revisited

A while ago I discussed moving from making pots of coffee to making cups of coffee. My famous last words then were: “Still haven’t bought a Senseo, though.”

Well, the cups of coffee back then were made by making instant coffee, which sucks, because the flavour of instant sucks. I failed to notice that right away, but the difference with coffee drank at other places (coffee shops, friends, customers) was too big to remain unnoticed or unappreciated.

So… I bought a Senseo.

And here are the results of the Dutch jury: I went from 2 cups a day to 4 and sometimes more. Considering the industrial amounts of sugar I add to each cup, I would not necessarily consider this a good thing. (I have to admit, the creamy Senseo coffee needs less sugar to make the bitter go away.)

Senseo, good or bad? The jury’s still out, but I would not want to bet either way. Perhaps the transactional costs I saw looming over my head back in the day actually served a purpose.

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