LRRH’s brook found, claim archeologists

Archeologists claim to have found the brook in which the wolf was thrown that ate Little Red Riding Hood. As you may remember, the wolf had seduced Little Red Riding Hood with his sweet words, and then eaten her and her grandmother, and had fallen asleep afterwards. Luckily for the two women a hunter came by, who cut open the wolf’s stomach, released the women, and replaced them by stones. After that, the hunter sewed the wolf’s stomach back together. The wolf went for a drink in a nearby brook, and the weight of the stones made him fall into the water where he drowned.

Now, archeologists say they have discovered this brook, and not only that, but they have also found something that may or may not be the remains of the wolf.

Of course, this all proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there once were sapient, speaking wolves. Yay for science!

(Via Sargasso.)

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