Third camera and braai

It was time to get a new phone. Since I only make 40 euros worth of mobile phone calls each year (and not much more over the landline), getting a 240+ euro minimum plan made no sense. And the way mobile phones are financed (get a phone free with a plan) meant that I had … Read More

Commenting open for every post

I moved this blog between systems at the end of 2005, and in the process commenting was switched off for old posts. Being unfamiliar with Wordpress at the time I decided to switch comments back on by hand, something that proved to be rather a cumbersome task. The task subsequently ended up on the back-burner, … Read More

The spoils of 2010

Yesterday Queen’s Day. Grunt. Comics: Tangy & Laverdure, De verdwenen DC-8 De Blauwbloezen, De roos van Bantry Books for the scanner: Herman en Dorothea, Wolfgang von Goethe De doorluchte vatenspoelster, Cervantes Over toneel, Frans Mijnssen Books for the Branko: Momo, Michael Ende Prodwitt’s Guide to Writing Fotografie, Frans Naeff Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis Paddeltje, de … Read More


Yesterday I took a long train ride to the South to visit relatives. On my way back I walked through the village of Baarlo. One of its four (!) castles is Castle d’Erp which was for sale in 1972 for 1 guilder. I know this because at the time, my parents were considering buying it. … Read More

Line trail, Abcoude

Today I went for a short hike along a small bit of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. As Wikipedia notes, this line, built between 1880 and 1920, became obsolete as soon as it was finished thanks to the inventions of the plane and the tank. I got off at Abcoude station and walked 5 kilometres … Read More

I forgot what I was going to call this

Ah, welcome to the virtual home of a lunatic. Today there is a common cold on the menu, like yesterday, and similar time-units before. Rather fuzzy in the head, I am. So now I am condemned to the hell of daytime television. Have you ever noticed how some interviewees respond to their interviewers as if … Read More

Yeah, have a good one

I am going to try and come up with a couple of achievable, yet challenging New Year’s resolutions. In fact, that will be the first one. In the meantime I wish you a good 2010.

Zoetermeer railway station

A law should be passed that prohibits people from entering Dutch cities through their main railway stations, because more often than not your first impression will be of a barren wasteland where horrid things go to die. (Which, by the way, really fantastic! if you are into that sort of thing.) This, for instance, is … Read More

Naarden – Muiden

A 20 kilometre hike today from Naarden, a town known better for the way it looks from the air than from the ground, to Muiden, where count Floris V had a castle built, only to see it used as a prison for himself by his enemies. The finish line was in Weesp, an unassuming town … Read More

Bonkers: either I or the Tax Service

Belastingdienst, the Dutch tax service, sent a form for me to fill out in which I needed to indicate projected future earnings. They do this almost each year—well, regularly—so that they can let you pay your taxes for 2020 in 2019 instead of the more reasonable 2021. And every year I postpone filling out this … Read More