Going for the second Inbox Zero in my life

The last time I achieved Inbox Zero was somewhere last year. You should think I would be able to remember the exact date, but there you would be wrong. Sure, it was a momentous occasion. So momentous in fact that for days I was wrapped in the sound of heavenly trumpets and glided through life … Read More

My two feet

These are (unlike most of my shoes, as I found out today) models of my feet. I made them out of poplar plywood. One is marked L because the corresponding foot is called Lucifer. The other is marked R because that is the model for the right foot. (R = Right. Surely you don’t think … Read More

Snowy saddles

This is old stuff (about two weeks old). We no longer live the life of the Blizzard People. (Amsterdam at Station Zuid/WTC, the rest is in Zoetermeer.)

Quick memo to self re life goals

You cannot be a better person, but you can be a good person.

Coffee pads revisited

A while ago I discussed moving from making pots of coffee to making cups of coffee. My famous last words then were: “Still haven’t bought a Senseo, though.” Well, the cups of coffee back then were made by making instant coffee, which sucks, because the flavour of instant sucks. I failed to notice that right … Read More

Bicycle with basket against semi-frosted window

Hush, I’ll let the work speak for itself:


It is true that even after all these years, the city and I don’t get along that well. But I am glad to be back, even if for only a few days a week. Zoetermeer is never more than a destination. Here I get to bike to work, maybe stopping at Simon Meijsen’s to buy … Read More

Epic epidemic breakage

In the past three weeks four relatively new devices I own with a combined worth of well over 500 euro broke down, and there’s nothing I am going to do about it. The IKEA alarm clock is probably still under warranty, but it will cost me the price of the damn thing alone to even … Read More


This, apparently, is the coolest thing in bike-land right now. Can you tell? Surely being cool and rusty is reason enough to take up two parking spots.


This fellow let me get as close as two metres. No idea what had drawn him there.