Notes on dumpster diving

Last Saturday was the first time ever King’s Day was celebrated in the Netherlands, but nobody had to teach us anything because the festivities were built atop a string of a hundred Queen’s Days in as many years. (And yes, people were heard in the streets saying Queen’s Day, and other people were heard to … Read More

A quick iPad review

Apple iPad (iPad 2) As it happens all the four things I don’t like about my Apple iPad manifested themselves within a few minutes of each other today and they also helped to highlight what a cool little device it is, so I figured it was time for a quick review. The Apple iPad has … Read More

On photography how-tos

Photography, simply the technical side of it, is still a bit of a struggle to me. There are too many settings to keep track of. For instance, aperture (the size of the lens opening), shutter speed and sensor sensitivity determine exposure; exposure, sensor resolution, lens resolution, focus, camera movement and subject movement determine sharpness; and … Read More

A quick review of the Swiffer cleaning system

Swiffer The problem? I am lazy. The circumstances? A downstairs with a laminated wooden floor. Usually I use either a broom combined with a dustpan to clean the floor, or a vacuum cleaner. At a time when I spent a lot of time working for the man, leaving me little time to clean, I was … Read More

The harvest 2012

I just loooooove Queen’s Day. Don’t ask me to self-analyse why, there are probably some deep-hidden anxieties that show themselves through me rooting through other people’s garbage, and I just don’t want to know. (In my defense: Parson’s Pleasure.) Shown in this photo is the stuff I bought. Bought is the wrong word. Acquired. To … Read More

The dim-witted gamer

I have been playing Charlie II, the sequel to Charlie the Duck, for almost ten years now, on and off, mostly off. My own highscore only progressed slowly during that time, a thousand points here, a few hundred points there, until last week when I realized that I can chain the effects of power pills. … Read More

‘s Graveland

I haven’t been hiking much recently, and that, coupled with a lifestyle that keeps me seated most of the time, meant I have gained quite a bit of weight. So I decided to strap on the old walking shoes and look for Holland’s country lanes again. Yesterday I went to ‘s Graveland, where once rich … Read More


(In case your screen is too dark, the photo shows fingerprints in the familiar 9×9 grid of a Sudoku puzzle.)

How to turn a blog into Tweeter/Twitr/whatever

Hm…, Mc Chouffe.

The loot

Stuff I acquired on Queen’s Day this year: I’ll William Tell you one book among them: De Idioot. Intriguing. I bought the two football comics, the five old books, and the Grisham for the total sum of 2.35 euro. The Hiaasen I got for free from a guy who was handing out books for free. … Read More