Meet the golden banana of discord

You know this graph, you have seen it before. It is a graph displaying a distribution. If you squint, it resembles a golden banana. In the text adventure world they hold yearly competitions. In fact, the largest of them, IFComp, is currently underway, and the way it works is that everybody who wants to can … Read More

Completely useless overview of mobile phone brands in the Netherlands, May 2016

An obscure need to know led me to create the following overview of mobile phone brands in the Netherlands. Since I got relatively little use out of it, I figured I’d share it here. Maybe it will find some use after all. Caveat: I didn’t need a very precise list, so please don’t use this … Read More

Romerhuis, Venlo

I was born in one of the oldest surviving houses in Venlo, the Romerhuis, which also happens to be the first house in the oldest street of the city, the Jodenstraat. The Romerhuis was built around 1490 in late Gothic style. By the 20th century the building had lost lots of its charm. The step … Read More

Game guide: playing Bruce Lee II on the Commodore 64

In 2015 Jonas Hultén released his Commodore 64 port of the MS Windows game Bruce Lee II, which itself was a public domain sequel to the Commodore 64 original Bruce Lee (and which was visually very similar to the original 8-bit style). If you want to play his game—and you should, because it’s really good!—you … Read More

Where is my flying car? A couple of quick observations

The phrase ‘flying car’ used to be (and perhaps still is) shorthand for ‘the future’. As long as we don’t have the flying car that a nebulous ‘they’ promised us, the future is not now. Never mind that in this day and age even people fleeing a war-torn Syria carry around more computing power then … Read More

BKR-registratie laten verwijderen? Nergens goedkoper! (Dutch)

Dit stukje is verouderd, lees deze update. Ook als al uw schulden zijn afgelost, kunt u een negatieve BKR-notatie blijven houden. Hier kunt u zelf iets aan doen. Download nu het GRATIS e-book “Kan ik mijn BKR-registratie (laten) aanpassen?” Hierin wordt stap voor stap uitgelegd hoe u uw onterechte BKR-noteringen ongedaan maakt. Andere aanbieders, zoals … Read More

Sourceforge has crossed the threshold from bad to criminally bad

A bunch of years back I wrote that was “a very useful website for computer programmers (or developers, as we like to call ourselves), because it provides an aggregation point for people, code and knowledge, and it does so for free.” The reason I blogged about Sourceforge was because the site had started to … Read More

Google’s former diversity chief opens misogyny temple

This is rich. A museum in London that was said to become a much needed and desired women’s history museum turned out to be a museum glorifying famed killer of women Jack the Ripper. When confronted with this strange change from celebrating the things women achieved despite adversity to becoming part of that adversity, the … Read More

Quick comparison: Canon EF-S 24mm v. Sigma 17-70mm mk 2

Last week I bought the new Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8 STM lens from Canon. This is a lens that only works on crop sensor cameras. STM is short for stepper motor and provides a relatively fast and quiet means of focussing. What the name doesn’t convey is that this is also a very flat lens … Read More

Pity, John Oliver, I thought you might be one of the good guys…

British comedian John Oliver is the front man of a popular American rage vlog (and TV show) called Last Week Tonight, in which he tries to work viewers into an angry fit by spinning a mock cathartic narrative around injustices that are both major and very real. The segment of 21 June was titled “Online … Read More