My two feet


These are (unlike most of my shoes, as I found out today) models of my feet. I made them out of poplar plywood. One is marked L because the corresponding foot is called Lucifer. The other is marked R because that is the model for the right foot. (R = Right. Surely you don’t think I’d name my right foot? That would be insane.)

2 responses to “My two feet”

  1. George Berger says:

    Dear Mr. Collin—I am sorry if I insulted you this evening on Peter’s blog. I was in a foul mood and am seriously ill. Dutch doctors refused me the sole adequate treatment for a life-threatening illness. This was after similar people destroyed my wife for good. I had to leave NL and shall never return.

    This evening a friend told me that ritual slaughtering along the Jewish or Moslim way shall be forbidden. Neither of us is religious, but we are both Jewish and take this very personally. I am quite upset. I acted impulsively by referring to *all* NL ers as “horrid creeps,” and should not have said that. There are quite a few that I do not like. Well, after nearly 37 years of living in Holland I had quite enough. When I became ill I left within eight days. So again, my excuses for my behaviour, Best, George

  2. brankl says:

    Thank you. You did not in fact insult me.

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