Geek news site Slashdot linked to a site from a Norwegian newspaper, where they let you upload a portrait and they will tell you which (Nordic) celebrity you most look like.

Apparently, my portrait at the Abeleto website makes me the spitting image of Roxette’s Per Gessle. Me, I disagree. He looks much more like my brother.

You agree not to upload obscene stuff, and apparently the newspaper reserves the right to use your picture for promotional purposes.

Something to do with eigenfaces.

[brankoper] Update (7-1-2006): since I will be changing the photo at Abeleto.nl soonish, I put a picture of me in this entry, to the right. (Now who is who?)


One response to “Eigenface”

  1. Branko Collin says:

    Of course, I should have named this entry “You’ve got the look”.

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