Vorige:  2001-05-15, Voorjaarsschoonmaak?
Volgende:  2001-08-05, Verhuizing


2001-08-04 - As I mentioned in April, my hosting provider decided to pull the plug in the near future. What I did not realise, is that the bastards were going to do that without prior warning. I have not been able to find a solid hosting solution for now.

If you feel like pointing to this entire site, then point to http://www.tekstadventure.nl. I own that domain and I am pretty sure that I am not going to pull a fast one (or any one, for that matter) on myself.

If you feel like pointing to a specific page, then point to the page on a mirror at http://www.branko.f2s.com/avontuur/ (link no longer valid). Freedom to Surf (http://www.f2s.net(externe link)) provide a very kind, but also fairly unstable web hosting service for free. Keep in mind that this is not just a mirror, but a temporary one at that. Inform me of your intent to link to this mirror, and I will inform you once I have found a more stable hosting solution.

You can reach me through branko@tekstadventure.nl.