The rest of this site is written entirely in Dutch. The reason for this is simple: this site deals with Dutch text adventure games. These games are entirely text based, and the language they use is Dutch. I plan on including more English language stuff in the future. Most likely an English version of the database will be first.

This site serves several purposes.

One purpose is, to try and collect as much information as possible about Dutch text adventures.

The second purpose is, to create a platform for programmers of Dutch text adventure games.

Now I can imagine that you feel that this is a part where non-Dutch speakers can help. I agree with that; however, I would like to concentrate my resources on the Dutch site only. If you happen to have real, concrete, things you want to see on this site, though, and perhaps could offer some help, I would be glad to open an English part of the Branko's Tekst Adventure Homepage. Contact me if you want to discuss this further.

Which brings me to a possible third purpose: to connect the developers of programming tools for non-English text adventures. I will try to make a start for that on this page. (I wrote this somewhere at the beginning of 1999. You may safely conclude that no portal for non-English text adventures will spring up at this place anytime soon.)

New: license generator

Until recently, it was difficult for an author of freeware to give his game away to players so that they could legally play it. The result was often that the game would be uploaded to the IF Archive without an explicit license, which, due to new and restrictive copyright laws, would turn players into offenders, and archive administrators into criminals.

Some authors have expressed their opinion that this situation is fine with them ("It's my software, and if my audience goes to hell, so be it"--paraphrased); others may be more considerate.

For the more considerate authors, there are now the Creative Commons licenses. Written by top-notch copyright lawyers, these licenses allow you to grant some five odd legal freedoms to your players, without the author having to give up any more rights than necessary.

There are Creative Commons licenses for American, German, Dutch and Brazilian authors.

It may take some time to read through the relevant portions of that site, and as a developer you may rather like to spend your time on creating exciting games, but remember that this is for the good of your public. It is up to you to decide if that is important to you.

To set the right example (and because I believe in the usefulness of free information), I will in time relicense large portions of this site under appropriate Creative Common licenses. Please do not hesitate to remind me of this if I appear slow on the execution of that goal.

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