How to mess with telemarketers

Telemarketers giving you a hard time on the phone? Here’s one solution. (Via Xt.)

Before I forget: new anti-spam measures

I have installed a further filter to help me get rid of comment spam. Where the previous filter merely made your comments go from “will never be deleted other than actively by me” to “may be accidentally deleted through my neglicence”, the new deal is that if your comment looks like spam, it will be … Read More

Bad Behavior

I decided to install Bad Behavior to delete spam. Spamming scum, as you know, does not check whether their messages will be published. That takes time, and time is money. So they spam me regardless the fact that not a single one of their tens of thousands of filthy messages has ever been published through … Read More

Intelligent comment spam?

Lately I have been getting a lot of spam of the sort that the Blog in Black describes here. Usually it’s terribly easy to spot, because the spamming scum keep their keywords relevant in order to score well with Google, so it no longer freaks me out like it did the first two times. :-) … Read More

Spam filter wanted

Some moron is posting large quantities of spam to this blog. There are methods to make him stop getting through, but I would like to employ one that also penalizes him. Ideas? Suggestions? Myself, I was thinking of a plug-in that will keep the HTTP dialogue open, so that the spammer has to spend valuable … Read More

Wordpress’ effective censors

Ooh, I hate spammers. The Wordpress blog software has a nifty little feature called the Dashboard: a page in the administration section that will contact the wonderful internets and download Wordpress related news. Actually, all it does is slow down my accessing the administration interface for a few seconds every time I try to log … Read More

First batch of Dutch spammers fined

Dutch telecommunications watch-dog Opta has fined its first batch of spammers since the introduction of the anti-spam ammendements to the telecom law late last year that granted this power to Opta. (Links lead to Dutch pages.) Fourteen other small-scale spammers received warnings. According to Opta, the amount of complaints received about this group was too … Read More

Gone fishing

Today I received the first two Dutch spam mails under the new regime. I reported them to the proper authorities. I hope they’ll get caught and will get the chair. (Well, we don’t have The Chair here, but hope springs eternal.)

Spam, spam, spam, bacon and spam

The second house of our two-house parliament has given its blessing to the anti-spam law. Responses to that law have varied from out-right negative to timidly positive. Problems it is reported to have are that it is too weak (many would have loved to see it become part of criminal law), that it only deals … Read More