Read comics by Winston Rowntree

I am bored. I must have been bored before, because I remember either putting an ad in the paper or responding to one looking for a collaborator in making comics—to help alleviate the boredom, see? I had just moved to Amsterdam, and was still living in my brother’s way-too-expensive (for my means) apartment—this is somewhere … Read More


A hard sci-fi writer who puts an above-average amount of sci in his fi—I guess that’s what hard sci-fi means—asks his readers to help him explore the world of Multiple Personality Disorder by suggesting hard sci for him to read. One of them points him towards … Batman (“Boff!”, “Crunch!”). How about a mind, a … Read More

Vista is…

Saw this in a comment at Engadget: Vista is Ballmer’s way of throwing chairs at people he can’t reach. (Explanation: Steve Ballmer is the CEO if Microsoft, who is known for throwing chairs through the room in Gordon Ramsay style hissy-fits. Gordon Ramsay is a bum-kneed football-pro turned cook who is known for his tantrums. … Read More

Sputnik design plans

You can download design plans for the Sputnik, the satellite that kick-started the space race fifty years ago today, at the website of the Arizona Model Aircrafters. The plans exclude the instruments; these are perhaps left as an exercise for the reader.

World maps

“Territory size shows the proportion of all contributions to international food aid programmes that come from governments there.”, where I found the link to the Worldmapper service, displays almost exactly the same map, but there the legend says: “Territory size shows the proportion of all McDonalds restaurants that were open in 2004, that were … Read More

Take me on

Memo to self: the five bottles of pickles singing A-ha’s Take On Me a capella were to be found at The PAN, which is now hosted by Youtube.

Ewa Wisnierska: “I thanked the angels, but I don’t believe in God”

German paragliding champion Ewa Wisnierska was training for the world championship when she established the world altitude survival record, ascending 8000 meters in 40 minutes of unpowered flight. She had been sucked into a storm that according to one commenter “not even 747s fly through”. A frost-bitten Wisnierska’s response: “I thanked the angels, but I … Read More

Hallo? Salut!

Reinder introduces me to Numa Numa dancing. I like it. (Yeah, I know I am catching on late. And don’t bring a webcam near me.)

This is an ex-cabinet

Somebody on lefty blog made this hope-inspiring prediction: a summer crammed full with football, lots of beer and the resignation of the cabinet. We already had two parts, today the last third came through. Balkellende II is no more. It’s gone to meet its maker. It’s pushing up the daisies. This is an ex-cabinet.

Now proofreading: Woutertje Pieterse

Met myn zwaard. Op m’n paard. En myn helm op het hoofd. Er op in! En den vyand den schedel gekloofd, En vooruit!