If Hemingway wrote JavaScript

Angus Croll wrote a couple of Javascript programs that calculate a fibonacci series, each program in the style of a famous literary author. Cool stuff.

The harvest 2012

I just loooooove Queen’s Day. Don’t ask me to self-analyse why, there are probably some deep-hidden anxieties that show themselves through me rooting through other people’s garbage, and I just don’t want to know. (In my defense: Parson’s Pleasure.) Shown in this photo is the stuff I bought. Bought is the wrong word. Acquired. To … Read More

Idea: plenoptic assist for traditional DSLRs

This is cool: a company called Lytro is taking orders for its plenoptic (or ‘light field’) consumer photo camera, which it expects to ship in 2012. A plenoptic camera swaps spatial (2D) information for distance information. See it as a grid of thousands of miniscule-resolution cameras all pointing straight ahead, with software combining the miniature … Read More

In which Rice Rocket takes a Slay ride

My friend and co-blogger (over at 24 Oranges) Natasha has taken up roller derby, an all-women’s full contact roller skating sport. I have come along to a couple of games, and I am here to tell you that roller derby rocks. The basic game is simple. Two teams of five women skate around a smallish … Read More

Take On Me a-capella version by UMD Generics

A couple of years ago I posted a few seconds of an a-capella version of Aha’s eighties monster hit Take on Me AS SUNG BY PICKLES, and … you know? Youtube just keeps on giving. Turns out this version was not made by pickles in jars, but by a group called UMD Generics, and their … Read More

Painted statues make me happy

This story about painted statues makes me happy for some undefinable* reason: Call them gaudy, call them kitsch, but archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann insists his eye-popping reproductions of ancient Greek sculptures are right on target. Do check it, if only for the pictures (there is a gallery). *) Not really, I am just too lazy for … Read More

Iceland’s revenge

It appears Iceland have gone full circle now that the ash cloud has penetrated the banking system. That is to say I have already heard reports about how people claim not to be able to pay their bills because of Eyjafjallajökull. From what I understand in days of yore North Americans would blame El Niño … Read More

You must check out Flight of the Conchords

The Grammy and Emmy they won failed to put them on my radar, so I may be late to the game. I just discovered this New Zealand duo that writes and sings funny songs. If you don’t know them yet, I urge you to check them out. I have spent hours on Youtube Wednesday night … Read More

Story tropes

This is too important to just leave to my browser’s bookmarks. I just found this absolutely marvelous online dictionary of narrative mechanisms called Television Tropes & Idioms. Despite the name it is not just about TV, but about story telling in all mediums, including games. And every definition I’ve encountered so far is absolutely spot … Read More

Ads from 1985 computer magazine Your 64

“A school for scandal?” asked the Telegraph. “All very pukkah,” assured BBC TV News. “Bizarre!” shrieked the Sun. Lately, people have been mentioning St. Trinians, a comic strip about a public school for very bad girls, which made me remember Your 64. Reading this dayglo magazine for teenage boy owners of a Commodore 64 at … Read More