Charlie’s lists

Things young people know, from the perspective of a middle-aged one Things we did not know three years ago Plus a not-a-list: the true cost of your next mobile phone.

I’ll kill her – Soko

The French Eminem does not rap, she chats.

9 Badd-ass Bible Verses

Christians like to pretend that they are meek, they like to put themselves in a victim role and turn that other cheek (“and turn, two, three; turn, two, three…”). But if you want to convince others of the friendliness of your religion it helps to have a friendly holy book, and this is where Christians … Read More

World maps

“Territory size shows the proportion of all contributions to international food aid programmes that come from governments there.”, where I found the link to the Worldmapper service, displays almost exactly the same map, but there the legend says: “Territory size shows the proportion of all McDonalds restaurants that were open in 2004, that were … Read More

Remarkable news from the Netherlands

A friend and I started a blog that will report trivia from the Netherlands in English. It’s called 24 Oranges. We believe enough interesting things happen in this country that those who don’t speak Dutch might like to know about.

Wim Helsen’s poetry readings

Eamelje has the beginnings of a nice Vrienden van de Poëzie collection. Flemish comedian Wim Helsen has been given a couple of minutes at the end of each Belgian Man Bijt Hond (small news) episode to read poetry, and Eamelje makes it a point to post the best of those. All in Dutch of course.

LRRH’s brook found, claim archeologists

Archeologists claim to have found the brook in which the wolf was thrown that ate Little Red Riding Hood. As you may remember, the wolf had seduced Little Red Riding Hood with his sweet words, and then eaten her and her grandmother, and had fallen asleep afterwards. Luckily for the two women a hunter came … Read More

How to mess with telemarketers

Telemarketers giving you a hard time on the phone? Here’s one solution. (Via Xt.)

WKRP in Cincinnati

Tip for the Dutchies, because I don’t think this has ever been shown on these shores: “WKRP in Cincinnati” (or just: WKRP) is a straight-forward 1970s sitcom about the daily life at a tiny commercial radio station. You’ll find it on the greynet. (P.S. I seem to be attaching an entirely different meaning to the … Read More

Hildebrand Nawijn third sexiest politician?

They say voters are swayed more by presentation and looks than by actual politics. A good-looking politician is considered a weapon in the battle for votes. But how well do our politicians look if you unleash their pictures on an unsuspecting audience, on people who have never heard of these candidates before? The Writer’s Block … Read More