A free and quick way of doing product photos

TL/DR; use daylight, a white surface as reflector, and a sheet of cardboard for a background. This is a rant. But it is also a tutorial. A rantorial if you wish. Let me say upfront that if you are serious about product photography, this is not for you. Spend a little more money (say 50 … Read More

King Cruise September

During the summer months pretty cars and fast food are brought together once a month on a parking lot just outside of Amsterdam under the name King Cruise. See also: King Cruise August.

Classic American cars

My posting frequency has dropped here, and especially the frequency with which I post photos in the Lightsmithing category. This has a lot to do with the evil behemoth called Facebook. Although Facebook is not for the long form, it does bring in a lot more comments, and it especially brings in something called ‘likes’, … Read More

The state of the digital camera

I replaced my Canon Ixus 300 HS pocket camera by a Canon Powershot S100. The Ixus tended to get terribly soft for subjects that were more than a metre away, and although I had discovered a work-around for this, the work-around involved switching continuously between Program mode and Apperture priority, which was driving me nuts. … Read More

Playing with macro

Last week I talked a bit about my new and my old DSLR (the latter has found a new owner by now), and showed some demo photos. With the new lens you can zoom in really close on any subject, in fact you have to watch out not to hit the subject with your lens, … Read More

A quick review of the Canon EOS 600D camera and the Sigma 17-70mm lens

(As compared to the Canon EOS 1000D and its 17-55mm kit lens.) I have been getting into roller derby photography lately, and that means I could use all the light I can get. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted exactly, outlined in painstaking detail before. In the end I decided … Read More

I probably won’t be a roller derby photographer

Sometimes you study a thing for a while, and instead of finding out more about the thing, you find out more about yourself—and sometimes both. I have been looking at lenses and digital photo cameras over the weekend. Have been reading up on reviews, have been comparing prices. The thing is, I wasn’t too happy … Read More

Idea: plenoptic assist for traditional DSLRs

This is cool: a company called Lytro is taking orders for its plenoptic (or ‘light field’) consumer photo camera, which it expects to ship in 2012. A plenoptic camera swaps spatial (2D) information for distance information. See it as a grid of thousands of miniscule-resolution cameras all pointing straight ahead, with software combining the miniature … Read More

What I have been up to, part 2

OK, so the previous WIHBUT wasn’t, and this one ain’t either. Just a grab bag of pictures I took over the summer. Most of the ones you see here were taken during a walk to Amstelpark and back.

What I’ve been up to

Sky gazing: Taking stock of things: Hiding: Having a beer: Greeting summer: