An anecdotal look at Facebook page reach

Here is one for the books. This is a graph of the so-called ‘reach’ that my roller derby photography page has on Facebook. Reach means: how many people have been exposed to my photos. (In an earlier blog post I explained why I have a Facebook page in the first place.) Every dot represents the … Read More

Dutch photography magazines

The things you want to get better at you need to consume and you need to practice. Consumption of photography can be done, amongst a great number of other ways, through the consumption of photography magazines. Problem #1: when people say “photography magazines”, they mean “camera equipment magazines”. You know the type, left page is … Read More

First impressions of the Blackrapid Sport camera sling strap

There is a list of accessories that, when used properly, can easily lift your photography to a next level: tripods, flashes, reflectors and so on. Having shot a 24-hours sports event twice and noticing how my wrists would hurt afterwards, I figured a sling strap might also be such an accessory. The regular straps that … Read More

Facebook pages for amateur event photographers

As you may know I regularly visit roller derby bouts to take photos of the action and of the events and the people surrounding that action. I used to post the results to my personal Facebook account but have recently switched to using a separate Facebook page for my photos. If you are in a … Read More

Saint Nicholas Parade 2014

On 15 November Saint Nicholas arrived in the Netherlands with his Black Peters having traveled here on his steam boat all the way from his palace in Spain. The day after, he participated in parades all over the country. I went and took pictures of his parade in Amsterdam. The past two years there has … Read More

A thing I like about photo workflow tools

The past few years I’ve started to take my amateur photography more serious, even though you cannot always tell from the quality of my output. As a result I also spend more time behind my computer editing photos. It is still completely true that it is better to get a photo right in the camera … Read More

Photographing running events, what I learned

I should probably make this a series of notes-to-self whenever I try a new category of photography. Anyway, I went to the Amsterdam marathon last October, which is held conveniently close to my house (or inconveniently—I had to cancel a photo walk because I was in the middle of an artificial island bordered by blocked … Read More

The photo detective

Wat jij niet ziet In this book former photographer Hans Aarsman tries to deduce the story behind a photograph from the photograph itself. Hans Aarsman used to be a photographer until he realised that the essence of his job was to mimic old-fashioned paintings. He sold his cameras, gave away his photos to a museum … Read More

Return to Amsterdamse Bos

It’s been a while since I posted photos here. I’ve made a ‘one-eighty’ since I wrote in 2011 that I probably won’t be a roller derby photographer. In fact, on Facebook my occupation is now listed as “Photographer at Roller Derby”. Taking photography more seriously, however little, also makes it more difficult to post images, … Read More

Venlo, Limburg

Circumstances brought me back to my birth place a lot the past few months. This week was hopefully the last of such trips. I would have liked it if I had had a bit more time for photography though. The river Meuse had flooded its banks which produced some surreal views, but all I had … Read More