Oh, how Microsoft Windows 10 blew

This was a list I made of many of the problems I encountered using the Microsoft operating system Windows 10.

I cannot remember why I started making such a list, but it is a habit. Maybe because other voices have much greater platforms and maintaining these lists protects me a little from the gaslighting.

I built my current PC in 2016 and started maintaining this list shortly after. Since then, Windows 10 has changed a bunch and as a result, this is more of a hodgepodge historical overview than a completely up-to-date compendium of all Windows’ woes.

The main change since the release of Windows 10 was that Microsoft started thinking of it as a service, rather than a product.

There may be a (strategic) legal reason for this: consumer protection laws are typically a lot stronger with regards to products rather than services.

Anyway, Windows 10 sucked, and here is why:

* Tries to let you sign up to a huge number of gross privacy violations upon installation.

* You cannot block it from restarting whenever it damn feels like. (It will let you enter a period of 12 hours in which it will presumably not restart.)

* When you have speedy start turned on, it will forget it’s network settings after a while.

* It forgets application settings (this may have to do with the previous points).

* Apparently from time to time it will reset all file associations to crappy Microsoft software. (I haven’t come across this yet, but while searching for solutions to other crap Microsoft pulls, I came across this one to look forward to.)

* Like most Windowses before it, Windows 10 also hides file extensions by default to make it easier for distributors of viruses and backdoors to let you install their malware.

* Creates a Thumbs.db file whenever you store an image in a directory, regardless whether you want to see thumbs or not. This file cannot be deleted. Some archivers balk when you try and create a ZIP file of such a directory.

* Reinstalls unwanted bundled software.

There was probably a bunch more, but at some point you no longer notice them.

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