Blogging is dead and alive!

Blogging is dead, apparently. But blogging is also alive.

Both statements can be true at the same time without it being some weird sort of Schrödinger’s Cat situation.

Blogging as a social activity, as the thing that the cool kids did to hang out together, seems to be mostly dead. I know a few people who maintain their blogs as a way to stay in touch with their fan base — they could have switched to a forum or a Discord, and some have (Jeff Minter seems to want to maintain all three), but why switch to the next fashionable technology when the previous one still works?

But blogging these days is also very much alive, because blogging allows you to write in a manner that the search engines for some reason automatically label ‘organic’. Your posts need to be linked in order for the machines to consider them ‘high quality’, but other than that, you are good to go.

As a result, and as an exercise in search engine optimisation, corporate websites are the place where you find a lot of actively maintained blogs.

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