Some minor blog-keeping

I have changed a few small things on this blog that should make your experience slightly better:

– I replaced the plugin that took care of the Recent Comments section in the sidebar by something called Better Recent Comments… because it is better.

(In this case, because the old one stopped working.)

– I made the blue that I use for links slightly darker to improve contrast.

– I added my famous, home-baked Youtube Nocookie plugin, not even so much for the privacy aspect, but because it lets me display Youtube videos across the width of the screen or column and in the correct aspect ratio (more or less, ’cause rounding errors).

– My implementation of responsive images used to be a bit wonky, causing some pages and posts to be narrower on mobile than strictly necessary; I fixed this.

– All fields of the comment forms are now nice and large, regardless of which device you view this site on.

Apart from bragging rights I mention this so that if any of my improvements turn out to be the opposite, you have a comment form you can use for posting bug reports.

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