Elon Musk according to Lefttube

Elon Musk is a wealthy industrialist and an aspirational character to many, certainly to himself.

If you call yourself the founder of Tesla, a company you bought, at the very least that means you wanted to be the founder of Tesla.

The disconnect between how Musk and his mindless fans portray Musk and the person he actually is, has been fuel for grateful left-wing Youtubers who have been having their fun with him.

Philosphy Tube takes us back to the counter culture of the 1960s, which included radical leftists who were operating in the realm of civil rights and of practical progression, and the new communalists “who built communes, LSD, free love, rock and roll, anti-authoritarianism, flower power, peace signs – the people you probably think of when you hear «60s’ counterculture.»”

Also the mechanics of flirting.

Donoteat01 takes a large axe to Musk’s preposterous and quite frankly dangerous idea of putting high-speed tunnels for private car transport under cities. Explains the concept of AM/FM (actual machines versus funky magic). Why ‘dangerous’? Because funky magic is the realm politics operates in, so plans for actual working public transport are being shelved while waiting for Musk’s impossible tunnel scheme to come to fruition.

Rebecca Watson points out that according to Musk, freedom means the freedom to open factories during a pandemic, not the freedom to refuse work during a pandemic.

Thought Slime: Nikola Tesla was an inventor, AG Bell was a copyist; Iron Man is a genius, the guy who calls himself the founder of Tesla is a fictional character.

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