Painted statues make me happy

This story about painted statues makes me happy for some undefinable* reason:

Call them gaudy, call them kitsch, but archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann insists his eye-popping reproductions of ancient Greek sculptures are right on target.

Do check it, if only for the pictures (there is a gallery).

*) Not really, I am just too lazy for introspection. A lazy guess though: any confirmation that the other, whether separated from us in time, space or skin colour, is basically the same as us, a grand human being… well, that is just a nice confirmation.**

These painted statues have that effect because despite themselves the garish colours do sort of bring the statues alive and pull them into the future. I could have a beer with these ancient Greeks, if they weren’t so damn ancient and hadn’t been so dead for so long.

**) That sounds too sappy, does it not? Well as I said it was just a guess.

Source quote: Smithonian Magazine. Link:

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