The spoils of 2010

Yesterday Queen’s Day. Grunt.


  • Tangy & Laverdure, De verdwenen DC-8
  • De Blauwbloezen, De roos van Bantry

Books for the scanner:

  • Herman en Dorothea, Wolfgang von Goethe
  • De doorluchte vatenspoelster, Cervantes
  • Over toneel, Frans Mijnssen

Books for the Branko:

  • Momo, Michael Ende
  • Prodwitt’s Guide to Writing
  • Fotografie, Frans Naeff
  • Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis
  • Paddeltje, de scheepsjongen van Michiel de Ruyter, Joh. H. Been
  • Carpe Jugulum, Terry Pratchett
  • Meneer Foppe in zijn blootje, Wim de Bie
  • Een tafel vol vlinders, Tim Krabbé
  • A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess
  • Kramer Versus Kramer, Avery Corman
  • Maigret en het lijk aan de kerkdeur, Georges Simenon
  • Twee verhalen van Yury Kazakov

6 responses to “The spoils of 2010”

  1. Reinder says:

    I stayed in until about 17:30, working on my to-do list, which was and is as long as my arm. I did walk out briefly after that to check out the atmosphere in the center of Groningen, but as mingling with shouty noisy people drunk on Evenementenbier (how much of that stuff do you have to drink to get drunk on it, and how can people stand it?) isn’t my kind of thing, I was back in the house in half an hour. Never mind even coming near the Vrijmarkt. Bleah. There’s a perfectly good thrift store right around the corner from my apt, thankyouverymuch.

  2. brankl says:

    How odd, a visitor…

    In my experience, thrift stores don’t have the same sort of books that regular people sell during the Vrijmarkt. Also, thrift stores know what they are selling, I don’t expect to find real treasures there. Not that I have found anything extremely valuable at the Vrijmarkt in the past 40 years, but it still provides that thrill. Maybe… maybe one day somebody will be selling a Van Gogh there without knowing it, and I will be the only one to recognise it for what it is.

    (Also: outdoors – 500 thrift stores in a row – sunshine – people, you name it.)

  3. Martin Wisse says:

    My stack of Queensday finds came to roughly fifty books, largely science fiction and only a few comics: a recentish Ravian, a LeFranc and several Super Kuifjes Specials. Most were found in a couple of stalls at Minervaplein.

    Certain thrift/secondhand stores are quite good for finding stuff: De Slegte can be surprisingly well stocked and cheap…

  4. brankl says:

    Sorry Martin, had to fish your comment out of the spam queue (where I rarely look).

    Heh, I did not know there was such a thing as a recentish Valerian. I thought they’d stopped in the late 80s.

  5. Martin Wisse says:

    The latest and last Valerian will actually be published this year…

  6. brankl says:

    This one I also had to rescue from the spam bin. The blacklist people’s FAQ says that it can take a day or so for the system to learn from false positives, so next time you should be OK. As an approved commenter your comments should appear right away; if that doesn’t happen, let me know through e-mail.

    The last Valerian, eh? Dun! Dun dun dun dun! I will have to check these recentish albums out. Although they aren’t the best comics out there, I always felt Valerian was good solid second tier, like Les Tuniques Bleues or early Franka.

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