How to eat a carrot

(Via his old man.)

The witch and the elephant

Once upon a time there lived a beetle that wanted to be an elephant.

What is an elephant? its friends wanted to know. Is it something you can eat? Can you stroke its hair? Does it have cable television?

I don’t know, the beetle said, but I am convinced it would be great to be one.

An elephant that just happened to pass by had overheard everything, and was surprised. Am I something you can eat? How do I taste? What is hair? Do I have cable television?

The elephant lifted the beetle off the ground, held it in front of its left eye, and asked: what is a beetle?

A witch who also just happened to pass by transformed the beetle into an elephant and the elephant into a handsome fellow whom she chained to the clammy wall of the small castle a few miles into the forest. There she stroked his hair until he went crazy. And then she stroked his hair until he died. And then she stroked his hair until he had none left.

Winter 2009-2010

Taken at the Louis Braillelaan in Zoetermeer, the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, and on the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam respectively.