You must check out Flight of the Conchords

The Grammy and Emmy they won failed to put them on my radar, so I may be late to the game. I just discovered this New Zealand duo that writes and sings funny songs. If you don’t know them yet, I urge you to check them out. I have spent hours on Youtube Wednesday night just playing all their clips.

Think Asylum Street Spankers, but leaning more heavily on the comedy aspect and with a far greater eye for a finished product. With the ASP it appears to be more about the performers having fun. I’d be curious to know how they’d mix, though.

My favourites so far:

The Americans liked these guys so much, they gave them their own show (only HBO, though). I’ve set my internet video recorder for it. The first clip is of one such episode. It would appear that they are repurposing their songs for these shows, but so far I feel it only worked for the LotR song.

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