Amsterdamse Bos with a new old lens

I unscrewed the lens from my Praktika L, screwed it on top of my EOS 1000D’s body, and took the contraption to the Amsterdamse Bos to practice. First thing I noticed that in full sunlight and with a wide open aperture, I had to set the exposure time to the fastest setting, 1/4000th second, to avoid large areas of pure white in the photo. Another thing, which I had noticed in tests before, is that everything that is out of focus gets a very dirty sheen about it, as if I had smeared grease on the lens. Great kit for wedding photos I guess, :-) but does anybody know if this is normal for fast lenses?





A wide-angle shot of the water under the bridge effect can be seen here, taken two years ago during the Summer.

2 responses to “Amsterdamse Bos with a new old lens”

  1. Jasper says:

    Yes, it’s a normal effect and called bokeh.

  2. brankl says:

    I wasn’t referring to the bluriness per se, but to the fact that it is such a dirty blur. Usually bokeh is used to make things prettier. :-)

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