The relevance of Arts & Humanities (i.e. none)

Cleaning the house I found an old report six of us had to write during a course in building information systems back in college. The course was aimed at students of the ‘soft sciences,’ and was a sort of side-salad thing that wasn’t really relevant to your study at hand, but you could take it to collect some skills with actual relevance to the real world. It ended with a project in which we had to analyse a customer’s needs, and then design and actually implement an information system. Our little group had to build a system for electronically storing patient files (very relevant these days in the Netherlands).

I looked up the five names besides mine on that report: 2 of them ended up becoming an IT manager at a hospital.

(Of course, the rest of us also ended up in IT, but that’s par for the course for anybody from humanities and social sciences; you get to spend some time in IT for at least part of your career.)

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