Wine stains

You know how red clothes never seem to be able to keep their colour? And how you never seem to be able to remove red wine stains from anything? So here’s an idea: why don’t clothes manufacturers use red wine to colour their products red?

(No, I did not suddenly develop a taste for colouring clothes over the holidays. Yes, I dropped a bottle of red wine. Henceforth one half of my kitchen shall be known as the Red Zone, the other half as the White Zone.)

One response to “Wine stains”

  1. Benjo says:

    Excellent idea. My Russian grandparents have told me that their grandparents did just this for a time: that is, they used vodka to make their clothes vodka-colored to prevent vodka stains. The practice was stopped after a few years, though, when people began being arrested for public exposure.

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