Taken two weeks ago, looking West along the Herengracht in Amsterdam standing on the Vijzelstraat bridge, when the ice on the canals started thawing. When I took the picture I thought the lights would add something, now I think they are a dissonant element. The view can be breathtaking early in the morning when the direct sunlight picks up all the whites and beiges in the gables, but I’ve never had my camera with me at that hour.

Those darn internets!

Yes, there is a guy who is trying to grow all known beard types on his face, and has managed to collect 25 of the 35 variants so far.

Lees meer antieke teksten

This posting in Dutch, as it wouldn’t work in English on so many levels.

Enfin! eindelijk kom je klaar. Je eindigt altijd met min of meer klaar te komen per auto. Met vuile handen zit je weer aan je stuur, hijgend en zweetend nog van ’t zwoegen, en met bezorgd gezicht staar je naar de lucht en naar den hemel, die reeds zijn avondkleur begint te krijgen.

Cyriël Buysse, De vrolijke tocht. Daarmee heeft het gewone volk ook wat leuks te lezen wat al meer dan 2 jaar geleden geschreven is.

Foei, Branko!

Wine stains

You know how red clothes never seem to be able to keep their colour? And how you never seem to be able to remove red wine stains from anything? So here’s an idea: why don’t clothes manufacturers use red wine to colour their products red?

(No, I did not suddenly develop a taste for colouring clothes over the holidays. Yes, I dropped a bottle of red wine. Henceforth one half of my kitchen shall be known as the Red Zone, the other half as the White Zone.)