Moonster died

Tiny cat Moonster came to stay for a weekend in 2004, not long after I had started this blog, and due to all kinds of circumstances she never moved out. Even when I moved in the interim, she moved along with me. Last Monday, four years and five days later, she had to be put to sleep at the age of 21.

Moonster, very small and light-weight for a Norwegian forest cat, was scared of a lot of things, not the least other cats. But she could also be very stubborn, and I felt that she enjoyed life and lived it on her own terms. I doubt she would have left it so soon voluntarily, but her body started to desert her. Recently she had developed kidney and thyroid gland problems, for which she received medication every day. The last two weeks she gradually lost the ability to walk, and on Monday she could no longer get her own food or go to the litter box. We carried her to the vet where she received a shot with an overdose of sleeping medication. I miss her.

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