Be your own Oranje coach

I did it before, but last time it only worked in Firefox, and barely at that. This time you can play coach of the Dutch national football team at the EC 2008 in any browser, as long as it’s not IE 6 (or indeed any other browser that fails to support even the smallest basics of the DOM).

The quick and the dirty for those who won’t click: move the players around on a pitch until you have the “Oranje” formation you would field. There’s not much more to it, but it’s super-handy for all these in-house (or in-bar) tactical talks you’re going to have before the upcoming matches.

I’ve added some extra features, such as the ability to store your formation, or to mail it to a friend (basically they’re the same thing: all you get is a web address, and what you do with it is up to you).

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