PHP generator for SVG pie charts

Wikipedia uses more and more SVG graphics, the “open” “Flash” developed by the W3C. Somebody asked in a forum how to make a generator for SVG pie charts. I thought that probably would not be too hard, and tried coding one. And then I figured I might as well share the resulting code with the rest of the world. Here it is.

6 responses to “PHP generator for SVG pie charts”

  1. vetzo says:

    Thanks a lot that’s exactly what I need for my paper about SVG and thematic mapping.

  2. Not that’s a great 404 you’re offering.

  3. brankl says:

    Oops, sorry, you’re right. Fixed it though.

  4. Now all that’s left to do is bow down and thank you. Great share!

  5. Magda says:

    Thank you! I spent whole day trying to write something like this… But here it is!

  6. […] planned to re-write a function like the one below, but I consider myself lucky to have found a PHP generator for SVG pie charts. It was laid out simply enough that I was able to convert it to JS and add the few twists I […]

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