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I feel like such a rube! The Discovery Channel is organizing a reality show “in which the contestants will build elaborate Rube Goldberg machines“, according to BoingBoing. Being of a sometimes curious nature, I decided to check out the site they linked to, RealityWanted.com, but in order to view the entire application form I had to log in. Still being of a curious nature, I decided to look at the registration page. This is what I saw:


In case you don’t get the joke: in order to register, you need to log in first. In order to log in, you need to register first. And so on ad infinitum.

Perhaps they want you to make Escheresque Rube Goldberg machines? Or perhaps they want to test your inventiveness? (The Rube Goldberg site has a similar test: a “skip intro” link that doesn’t work. Or does it…?)

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