I think I b0rked something

I was a bit over-zealous (or under-careful) when I removed the Project Wonderful ads from my entry pages, and broke stuff in the process. Please let me know if there’s something you think you ought to be seeing here but don’t. I mean, apart from hot chicks in almost absent bikinis.

Amsterdamse Bos revisited

I packed some weight in my back-pack, because sometime this summer I will go hiking in the Ardennes, and I will be schlepping a dozen or so kilos worth of camping gear, food, drinks and clothes along. In other words: preparation time. I went for another walk through the Amsterdamse Bos, this one a bit shorter than last time, but still taking up well over three hours.

The stinging nettle. Hated for its sting, loved for its qualities as foodstuff and medicine. Distant relative of the equally hardy and useful marijuana. I am bit afraid to pick them in and around Amsterdam, because you never know who peed on them, making it quite a while since I have had nettle soup.


Sunlight reflecting off water onto the bottom of a bridge.


Ooh, I so hate these. Another accidental photo that I like. This time I was trying to take a picture of a very muddy stream, aiming at the point where it disappeared into the forest. When I got home I realised that sunlight projecting through the overhanging leaves turned the yellow-brown of the water into all kinds of green, giving the scene an emerald quality. This is a crop of that photo.