O hammers, head

Richard Carrier writes about the books recovered from the lava-covered town of Herculanaeum, and this sentence that he came across in one of them:

For example, consider the man in Alexandria who was a foot tall, with a colossal head that could be beaten with a hammer, who used to be exhibited by the embalmers.

(Via Brian Flemming.)

The cool-sucky playground fallacy

Here’s a fallacy that in these fast moving times I observe on a regular basis: people on the internet arguing that everything on the internet is wrong. People using free software to argue that free software sucks (a recurring occurrence at Slashdot). Jack Valenti arguing for eternal copyright, yet nobody wants to read his book.

It’s like you have two playgrounds: one where all the cool kids play and one where all the losers play. So one of the losers goes to the cool playground, kicks a stone, and keeps saying to the cool kids: “this playground sucks, I am going to leave any minute now.”

Unfortunately with copyright policy it is the losers who set the tune.