Warmest April day ever

The news said that today was the warmest April day ever recorded in the Netherlands. The measuring of temperatures at the same location (De Bilt) goes back a hundred years or so here, if I recall correctly. 28 degrees celsius.

I have been sick for a couple of weeks. Last week I tried a small hike by myself, but got tired pretty quickly. Yesterday my brother called if I wanted to come along, and I said yes. He and his girlfriend and a friend of hers wanted to go towards the beach. The way I understood it we would first take a long walk, and then the girls wanted to stay at the beach for a while, but as it turned out it was just going to the beach, with a long walk to the spot where we would stay.

Beach means: beige or blue, and sometimes beige and blue. We left early (seven in the morning) with the idea to avoid the queues and have the bonus of coming home early and still have some day left. We went to Wijk aan Zee, which is just North of IJmuiden, the town of the steel industry. Large chimney stacks dominate the view at the beach for miles in all directions.


I only noticed the bug when I was sorting out the photos back home.


The four elements: earth, water, wind and nekkid white folk. Or: the flag of a country, blue, blue, beige.


I think I may have told you about how no beautiful thing has ever left my hands, and how I am trying to develop an own aesthetic regardless. The other day I realized that as part of that, I am developing my own vocabulary. I am learning what this camera can do, and what I can do, and how I can use these things in pronouncing this aesthetic I am after. There’s a lot of frustation in there, because I am learning to say things that I don’t necessarily want to say; or perhaps I am learning words that I don’t know yet how to use.

But whatever I do, I continuously assume that the pictures I make with the express purpose of making pretty pictures will turn out better than the accidental ones. And I get foiled at every turn. The next picture is my favourite in the batch because of the wild dunes in the background and the solitude of the sign — or perhaps because the sign makes it seem about something –, but the only reason I took it was because I wanted to know what it said on the sign, and was too lazy to walk over there. (You cannot see at this zoom level, but the sign warns against treacherous currents.)


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