Videoblogging, no thanks

Brian Flemming, film maker, neatly summarizes the problems with video blogging when compared to regular text blogging:

  • what it takes you ten minutes to er and you-know, it takes me two to read
  • some video bloggers bore us with the process of making an entry
  • you can scan a text blog for interesting bits much faster than a video blog

So is vlogging a complete waste of everybody’s time? I doubt it has to be; but when you do vlog, make sure you’re not just copying text blogging, because text blogging is going to whup your little ass every time, and it’s going to do so with one arm tied behind its back. Use the medium. Use sound effects, music, animation — and use time warps, splices, speed ups (or downs); these are all things I cannot do in a text blog. And when you do use these things, don’t use them for the sake of using them, but use them to achieve an effect. Make them a part of your narrative. Don’t just read your diary to me, because I could do that myself, and probably ten times as fast.

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