I wanted to start hiking a bit further away than last week, in order to avoid the crowds. I had planned to walk the dike near Schiphol Airport, but made a mistake studying the map; where I wanted to walk I could not. So instead of a short walk I made it a short bike ride (2.5 hours).

Just past the Amsterdamse Bos is the Schinkelpolder, a part of the Green Corridor that should enable plants and beasts alike to migrate past the city. The wind, no longer blowing at gale force but still strong, was a major factor here, as was the rain.

The first photo is looking back towards the Amsterdamse Bos. Most of the photos I took were underexposed, so I juggled a bit in the GIMP to get a better contrast.


This is the De Zwarte Ruiter (The Black Rider), a mill used to keep the water from flooding the polder.



Back home, the sun could be seen only indirectly.


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  1. miss B says:

    nice pics, branko. You must have spend quite some time on gimp to make them ;-) I imagine that it is hard to make pictures while riding the bike at the same time.
    ciao B.

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