Nice trailer (WMV) for Paul Verhoeven’s new movie, Zwartboek.

Edit: and I am not just saying that because, as someone put it, “Carice van Houten has the nicest ass in a trailer ever”. Though that helps.

How not to read e-mail in the morning

Generally it takes a little time before I manage to wake up completely. Most mornings I will wrap myself in a couple of rags (I am a work-at-home guy), brush my teeth, get some liquid breakfast, and after half an hour or so make myself some coffee. All the while I will be reading e-mail, blogs and the sort to slide into consciousness.

Wrong! it says here: “don’t read the newspaper or email in the morning because it will scramble your brain with lots of disconnected ideas and you won’t be able to accomplish any serious work for the rest of the day”.

Dude’s got a point. Although I do try to get productive after an hour or so, there are days where I look up from my distractions, and discover it is almost noon.

So, got any tips on how I can still wake up slowly without accidentally sacrificing half a day to this process?