It’s about oil, dummy!

So why did we attack Iraq? Not merely because it rhymes, I hope. Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps even Robert Newman’s guess is as good as mine. It’s certainly not as bad as the raison du jour that Bush and his cronies hand out.

From his show History of oil:

I was in North Carolina, reading the papers in the back yard with the guy who lived next door. And it was the day that news first broke from Iraq about the united Sunni and Shiite uprising against the US led occupation. Same day there was news of an African union declaration condemning US foreign policy.

The guy next door said to me: “I’ll tell you this much about the United States: we are sure bringing about world unity. Because the entire planet hates us. It’s like it’s become one big nation called The Rest of the World.”

And I said to him: “Well, actually we did. In fact, we’ve even got our own flag.”

“Well, yeah?” he asked, “what is it?”

I said: “Same as yours, but on fire.”

You must watch it, if only for his Tony Blair as Joseph Goebbels impression. (Some of Newman’s older work here, from his show with David Baddiel.)

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    That really is very good. Thanks.

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