How Al Quaeda are helping the US

Something strange happened last month. The Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) ruled that the US are not allowed to haul the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay into military tribunals. If they are going to be tried, SCOTUS seems to say, it must be in a decent court of law, using a decent set of rules.

Typically SCOTUS does not pass rulings from thin air; first, a case must be brought before them. And in this instance the case was brought by one of the prisoners. To be precise, Osama Bin Laden’s driver. I think it is pretty safe to assume that he was a member of Al Quaeda.

So why does Al Quaeda seem to be helping Americans regain their freedoms? I don’t think they are trying to. If anything, Al Quaeda would believe this to be a great publicity stunt; see how we even rule their highest court!

The problem is not so much the verdict of the SCOTUS, but the fact that American people of good will did nothing while the enemy did their jobs. It is about time that the lunacy of the Bushites is ended by decent Americans. And the way to do that is to assert themselves. It should not be Al Quaeda who make sure US law is enforced on US soil.

There are a few footnotes to my opinion. One is that it really is not my business what Americans do with their country–except of course that they tend to send those doings first to foreign markets in order to try them out. I happen to live in those foreign markets.

The other is that in this particular case only the Al Quaeda guy had standing; there was little Americans could do, as they were not the aggrieved party. (I am sure the arch-conservative SCOTUS would have loved to agree with Bush and his cronies; if they could have thrown the case out on a technicality, they would have, and it would have been dead for years.) However, Americans have let it come to this; had they pulled the emergency brake earlier, things would never have gotten so out of hand.

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