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I will not always score the works I review.

When I score the works I review, I will give scores from 1 through 9, although these should be interpreted as being scores on scale of 1 to 10. Being risk-averse, I will not give the perfect mark, because something better might come along, and then what?!

I may score works that I have only experienced a tiny portion of; it is not my job to capture my attention, and if the author failed to do so, too bad. Nevertheless, I will not score extremely bad works. As a result, when I give a 1, that does not mean the same thing as when a teacher would. My 1 is a teacher’s 3. My pass mark is a 3, or a 4, or a 5. An author’s success is not contingent on me handing out pass marks (or so I hope for them).

When I give out a 6, that usually means I enjoyed the work. An 8 means I consider a work a classic. 9s are reserved for my favourites.

Yes, this means some reviews are coming up.

See also the earlier On reviews, which deals with why I review books here instead of at Amazon, and why I review movies here instead of at the IMDB.

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