Everest doesn’t go easy

The Mount Everest expedition that my brother is part of has lost its reason for being; on his summit attempt, 41-year old experienced German climber Thomas Weber died suddenly of an unknown cause. While descending Step 2, he looked at his guide, said “I am dying”, and dropped down.

Step 2 is a rock on the last stage to the Everest’s summit (there are three steps in total). Part of the rock is traversed by ladder, the rest must be climbed.

This year ten people died on the slopes of the Everest. The Sight On Everest team was part of the larger 7 Summits team, which lost another member, and had declared a third, Australian Lincoln Hall, for dead, when climbers of another team discovered he was still alive, after which a successful rescue operation ensued. See the last days of May 2006 at mounteverest.net for more information.

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