To read: In het rijk van Vulcaan

Edit: OK, let’s translate a bit. The title means In Vulcan’s Empire, and the subtitle, De Uitbarsting van Krakatau en hare Gevolgen means The Eruption of the Krakatoa and its Consequences.

But from Java’s mountains death shows you its grin more eloquently; it is not the death of the far future, when the ice queen will have conquered even the jungle, but death as it arrives on the battlefield, suddenly, by enemy fire. Because Java is one huge artillery park.

They are not just mountains as they rise from the earth, spread over the entire island, but also active volcanoes. Fifty firebreathing mountains aim their peaks at the sky, all recognisable by that peculiar shape that is unique to volcanoes. You can go nowhere on Java without being covered by these mortars. This is Vulcan’s empire. Java is only four times the size of the Netherlands. Imagine the consequence: imagine that the Netherlands had seven active volcanoes!

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