Of birds and pies

“I will tell you a story. A bird wanted to migrate South during the winter, but it left too late, and its little wings froze mid-flight. The bird crashed in a meadow. However, it was lucky. A cow grazing there dropped a warm pie on its head, making its wings thaw. The bird, happy about so much luck, burst into song. A cat was attracted to the sound, and caught the bird and ate it.”

“The moral of the story? Those that shit on you, aren’t necessarily your enemies. But most of all: if you are in the shit, shut up.”

F.C. Antwerp gets free advice from the lawyer of an angry financial backer. Via Sargasso.

One response to “Of birds and pies”

  1. Thabo says:

    This is only a reworking of an old Russian folk tale involving a chicken flying into a dung heap and being eaten by a fox.

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