Invention #3: the battery charging coat-rack

Abstract: see title.

They say men never stop being little boys, and in my case that is certainly true. OK, so nowadays it is pretty much unlikely you will find marbles, dead frogs and pieces of rope in my pockets, but I still buy coats with many deep pockets, for I still have many important things to carry around with me.

Some of these toys work on batteries, or they would if I did not forget to charge them regularly. On any given day you are likely to find at least a dead cell-phone and a dead Palm Zire in my coat.

The thing is, I am never reminded of these toys until I need them. But when I need them, I need to recharge them first, which is a nuisance only then.

So how about this: I come home, hang my coat on the rack, and the rack automatically seeks out all my electronic toys, assesses their need for juice, and gives it to them if they need it.

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