The Golden Calf in English

You have to love pedestrians. Pedestrians make up the greater part of humanity. The best part, no less. Pedestrians created the world. It was they who built the cities, raised skyscrapers, laid sewage and water lines, paved the streets and lit them with electric lights. It was they who spread civilization throughout the world, invented movable type, thought up gunpowder, flung bridges across rivers, deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs, introduced the safety razor, abolished the slave trade and established that soybeans can be used to prepare 114 tasty, nutritious dishes.

And when everything was ready, when our home planet had taken on a comparatively comfortable form, the drivers appeared.

Maciej Ceglowski and Peter Gadjokov are translating The Golden Calf (1930). Sez Maciej: “The Russians are skeptical of our ability to do the text justice, but in the hopes that anything is better than nothing, we’re making our initial draft available online as we proceed.” Help still appreciated.

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